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The Swiss vision in Singapore

After Monday’s coaching clinic conducted by David Jansson, we checked in with Coach Muhammad Syazni Ramlee on his thoughts about it.

In floorball, decision-making is crucial. Players have to make every second count but by the court-side, coaches have to do the same. The Head Coach of Switzerland’s national team, David Jansson, led his team to one of the biggest upsets in floorball history. Switzerland defeated Sweden during the Euro Floorball Tour 2017 to a score of 7-5.

David Jansson’s unique philosophy that led to the big win was shared in detail with over 20 floorball coaches last Monday (23 Jul) at Temasek Polytechnic. Besides sharing about offensive and defensive situational tactics, David also shared about the significance of having a clear vision and strategy.

Muhammad Syazni Ramlee was one of the coaches who attended. The 27-year-old was impressed with David’s coaching philosophy. Unlike the general coaching tactic in Singapore, David employs different systems in each line. With tailored offensive and defensive systems, the Swiss coach emphasizes developing a player’s mindset and decision-making, with or without the ball.

“It was an interesting approach to gameplay, especially from understanding that a team’s offense is not strictly focused on just the offensive. It’s about transitioning from the offensive and defensive in every situation,” said Syazni, who is a co-owner of Singapore’s Youth Floorball Academy.

As a coach for teams like Pasir Ris Primary School, Northbrooks Secondary School and Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Syazni has taken away several lessons from the coaching clinic, in hopes to bring the same results that David did for Switzerland.

“Swiss used to be a very defensive team but are now more attacking-minded, even against top teams like Sweden and Finland,” he said. “I want my players to be more offensive. Forwards need to open up to space better while defenders need to also be involved in every attack.”.

Syazni also plays as a forward for the current champions of the Men’s Premier League (MPL), Black Wondersticks, and for Singapore’s national floorball team. He aims to apply David’s tactics like 360-degree floorball and 3D floorball in the upcoming Singapore Floorball Open II tournament and MPL.

David Jansson, who has been in Singapore twice before, is delighted to impart his philosophy to others.

He said: “I love the fact that I can give back to the sport that I love that has given me so much. I’m really looking forward to meeting those who can benefit from my knowledge because I can also gain something from them myself.”