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Singapore Floorball Open II: Elite and Pro Day Two

It was Friday floorball fun at Temasek Polytechnic and Our Tampines Hub as we had our second day of Singapore Floorball Open II. With 14 games between the men’s and women’s elite and pro categories, we witnessed some tough fights and complete thrashing on the court.

Firstly, the most-watched game of the night was between women teams Aussie Exports and Albatross. Both teams were coming off with a win each from Thursday and were looking to top their table.

Just 20 seconds into the game, Albatross drew first blood with a fierce goal scored by Jill Quek. However, they were unable to keep their lead and ended the first period at 2-1 to the Aussie’s. In the end, the Aussies bagged three points, beating Albatross with a score of 5-2.

Fariza Begum, the goaltender for Albatross, conceded that her team were not ready for the Aussie’s aggression and “hard knocks”.

“The Aussies were sharp in front of the goal. They tried it all – backhand, forehand, everything,” she explained. “It was clear that they wanted it more (than us).”.

“Any team that plays against them will have something to learn from. They are playing at a higher level and it’s good for us Singapore teams to challenge that,” said Fariza.

Soon after, an exhilarating game took place as the men’s teams El Magico Hockey Boys and Merahans faced off on the court. The game ended in a 2-2 draw with an evident air of tension. In total, the match saw seven two-minute penalties.

Goalkeeper of El Magico, Muhammad Rosfazwan, shared that their penalties were due to his hockey teammates’ difficulty in switching to a floorball mindset. In fact, one of his teammates was about to play with shin pads during their debut match of the tournament. This proves to be a disadvantage to El Magico as their defenders were often stepping into the goalkeeper zone and committing high-stick fouls.

“If we meet Merahans again, we should take more shots and rebounds. Their goalkeeper is Jaypal, which means you can rarely score from a direct shot. It has to be either from the blindside or from a rebound,” said Rosfazwan.

Here are the full match results from Friday.

Court 1 Score
Tazsillian Piranhaz Perhe Wolves 1-2
Black Wondersticks UMFO 10-2
Aussie Exports Firebrands 7-1
Court 2  
NUS Sister Hoot 3-2
Aussie Exports Albatross 5-2
El Magico Hockey Boys Merahans 2-2
Court 3  
Woodlands CSC Skyhawks Skools Floorball 6-5
Merahan Knightingales KBFF 5-3
Penang Juniors Sumandaks 4-1
Court 4  
NTU Destroyers FC 6-4
ITM Floorball Waves One Fam Floorball 7-2
Moose Warriors Selangor 3-1
Court 5  
Wonderbelles Pei Hwa Phoenix 5-3
Rising Jays Wakanda 8-4