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Singapore Floorball Open II: Elite and Pro Day One

The awaited four-day floorball weekend has finally begun! Thursday saw more than 400 floorball enthusiasts filling up Temasek Polytechnic and Our Tampines Hub’s stands.

Even for just the first day, the group-stage matches were nothing short of exciting. As we mentioned in our guide to the eight must-watch games, the tournament started off with Aussie Exports going head-to-head with El Magico Hockey Boys.

Although the hockey boys came with high spirits from their victorious triumph at the Hockey Series Open on 1 July, they were challenged by the Australians’ quick speed and fierce counter-attacks. The final game ended with a score of 8-0 to Aussie Exports.

The same happened on the women’s side with the Australians facing Merahan Knightingales, a skilled team led by Coach Saravanan Rajamanikam. The game ended at 7-0 in favour of the Australians. Merahan Knightingales player, Siti Nurhaliza Khairul Anuar, explained that Aussie Exports had the upper hand with speed and stamina.

“They were aggressive and brought the game to a very high tempo,” said Siti. “Nonetheless, it was good that we were able to play with a non-local team for a change.”.

On the other hand, Blaise Hodges, Aussie Exports’ centre, was delighted with her team’s first win of the tournament.

“We played well, but we still have to refine our structure. We’re looking forward to enjoying the competition and playing against Singapore’s best,” she said.

Despite Australia’s wide score lines, day one of the tournament also saw nail-biting games that came down to the very last second.

One of them was the fight between teams Black Wondersticks and Nemesis. The 40-minute game was only decided within the last five minutes and ended at 5-4 to Nemesis.

Black Wondersticks, champions of the Men’s Premier League, received a two-minute penalty for having six players on the court, which led Nemesis to capitalise a goal. Siraaj Ramadhan from Black Wondersticks described his team’s gameplay as messy. He explained: “Nemesis had a better turn-over speed and intensity. We were relying too much on our offense and should have been more precise in our tactical awareness.”

Another close game ended in an exciting 3-3 draw between Merahans and former Singapore Floorball Open champions, Suicide Squad. As the team is mainly comprised of national servicemen, five of their players were unable to excuse themselves from camp for their Thursday game. Thaddeus Tan from Suicide Squad is hopeful that their future games will see better performance with a full team attendance.

Last but not least, the game between Garuda Nusantara and Telly Tummies was a heated match that ended at 2-1. Garuda Nusantara, that hail from Indonesia, played with overt aggression. In just 40 minutes, they received three two-minute penalties for an incorrect push, incorrect hit and lifting. Telly Tummies, however, did not let their opponent’s aggression get the best of them but were unable to equalize despite many close chances.

Here are the full match results from Thursday.

Court 1 Score
Aussie Exports El Magico Hockey Boys 8-0
Black Wondersticks Nemesis 4-5
Merahans Suicide Squad 3-3
Court 2  
Aussie Exports Merahan Knightingales 7-0
NUS Titans Ting Tong Tiang 3-0
KBFF Albatross 0-5
Court 3  
NTU Temasek Tigers 4-1
Woodlands CSC Skyhawks ITM Floorball Waves 4-1
Destroyers FC Moose Warriors 2-4
Court 4  
Skools Floorball Endura Mustangs 4-2
Garuda Nusantara Telly Tummies 2-1
Hurricanes NUS 2-2
Court 5  
Raptors Royal Albatross 2-5
Jeweltross Katana 0-2
Cosmos Team Armadas 2-2