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First SG Open’17 Champs – Suicide Squad (Men’s)

After taking home the champion title in the first SG Floorball Open in 2017, Singapore’s Suicide Squad are back to defend their title. To all competing teams in the Men’s Elite category , if there’s any game you want to win – it’s definitely one against the Suicide Squad.

(Note: Registrations for Elite category in SG Floorball Open 2018 are now closed!)

In 2016, Valhall Floorball Academy held a 2-day clinic for selected elite players from the national A-Division championships where intensive sessions of fundamentals, situational skills and tactics were taught. The players then gathered to form the Suicide Squad we know today.

Besides the talented individuals who form this team and having home ground advantage, the Squad’s consistent and intense trainings post-2017 SG Floorball Open make them the team to beat in this years’ tournament.

For the competition (and the fanatics): Team insights

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

Living by these words and training hard over the past year, there’s only one thing this team wants – the 1st place title and that coveted grand prize.

There are six players in Suicide Squad who currently represent Singapore in the national team. Likening themselves to Real Madrid which won the Champions League with also (coincidentally) six players who play for the Spanish national team, the Suicide Squad is out to prove that team work and intelligence are what make champions.

Teams competing in the SG Floorball Open 2018, do keep your eyes open and be quick on your feet when facing this determined team of men on court.

Floorball enthusiasts should also be excited to experience the atmosphere in the arena with such highly skilled teams this year.

Faces of the team

If you have competed in or caught the SG Floorball Open in 2017, you would be sure to recognize these familiar faces from the Suicide Squad.

You will definitely not want to miss out on this year’s tournament from 26 – 29 July at Temasek Polytechnic & Our Tampines Hub.


Suicide Squad (Singapore) – Men’s Team

Words from the team

“Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.”

Leaving you with this short and sweet quote from the Suicide Squad’s members, it is without a doubt that we will be witnessing these strong defending champions fighting hard to clinch the champion title for the second year running.

See you at SG Floorball Open 2018!