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India’s Most Passionate – The Destroyers Floorball Club (DFC)

Recently established in February 2018, the Destroyers (Men’s team) are a team made of players from various regions across India.

Training for a sport that is not well-known in your country might prove to be challenging for some – but not for these passionate young men. Utilising what they have, the team learns by watching others compete on television and incorporating their observations into their own game play.

The team has been training together persistently over the months leading up to the biggest Floorball tournament in Asia. Their spirits are high and every player is eager to partake in their first-ever overseas competition.

They are excited to showcase their best to the top teams in Asia, to prove that passion and determination are the key to success.

The Destroyers will be competing in the SG Floorball Open’s Pro category.

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For the competition (and the fanatics): Team insights

For teams competing in the Pro category, this is the section where we share a little about the Destroyers.

Given that this is the teams’ first time competing on foreign soil, they might not be accustomed to the playing patterns of their competitors initially. Do not underestimate them, as the way the team absorbs and reacts to changing situations is where their strength lies in.

The top three players of the Destroyers – Ajay Nehra, Ajay Saini and Rohit are key to the team and these three have been recognized for their ability to support their team.

Despite the players’ young age and lean physique, they possess well-trained technical skills which will shine through during the tournament.

Faces of the team

Here are some photos of the Destroyers preparing for the SG Floorball Open 2018, taking place on the 26 – 29 July at Temasek Polytechnic and Our Tampines Hub.



















The Destroyers

Words from the team

Proud and thrilled to participate in the biggest Floorball tournament in Asia, the Destroyers’ player Akshit Raj Singh said “This tournament will be a great experience to learn and improve as a team and every competing team will be an inspiration.”.

He also hopes to “help India and our club to grow and to let other countries know that Floorball is a growing sport in India.”.

Watch out for this inspiring team of young men from India in the second edition of SG Floorball Open.

We’ll see you there!