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Click on the registration tab on the main header at the top of the website. Please get the team leader to fill up this registration form.

After submitting the form, the TEAM LEADER will receive an email about their registration. Thereafter, the team leader will receive another email within 2-3 working days with a form to fill out about the details of their team members.

For the Elite, Pro and Under 18 categories, each game consists of 2 20-minute periods with a 3-minute break in between. For the Recreational, and Corporate categories, each game consists of 2 5-minute periods with a 1-minute break in between.

All teams will get to play a minimum of 4 games in the conference stage before the playoffs.

For 5v5 categories, a minimum of 5 players and 1 goalkeeper is required to be present.

For 4v4 categories, a minimum of 4 players is required to be present.

All conference games will be held at numerous venues located in the Central and East side of Singapore. All final matches, and playoffs to be confirmed.

There will not be any food provided by the organisers throughout the tournament. However, we will be organising a Floorball Village with F&B, as well as game stalls during the final matches, or playoffs. If you are an overseas team looking for a good place to have a meal, you can either arrange your meals with the accommodation staff, or consult any of the tournament staff on good food options in Singapore.

For local teams, there will be no transport provided to the venues.

For overseas teams, transport can be arranged. Do email us for more details.

Spectators can enjoy free entry into the games at the respective venues.

Spectators can register at the entrances of the venues on the event day itself.

Our shirt sizes range from XS to L and the sizing chart is as shown below:


The criteria for the recreational category is that you cannot be a registered league player in the 16/17 and 17/18 Singapore Floorball League.

As for the corporate category, there is no prerequisite but it is a mixed category and it requires at least 1 female player on court at all times.

For the 4v4 categories, minimum number of 4 players and maximum of 7 players.

For the 5v5 categories, minimum number of 6 players (5+1 goal keeper) and maximum of 20 players.

The Corporate category is a mixed category that requires 1 female player on court at all times.

There is no fixed requirement of the number of girls in each team.

Yes, the team leader has to finalize your team players one week before the tournament.

If you would like to change your players, please email johnny@sgfloorballopen.com with your team name and the players you would like to change.


There will be no transport provided to the venues.


All payment has to be done via PayPal when teams are registering for the event. No other mode of payment is accepted as of now.

Accommodation will not be provided for local teams. However, overseas teams may contact us for packages available with accommodation options. The range of accommodation options that can suit the preferences of your team, from hostels to 5-star hotels.

The same rules apply for all local and non-local teams.

For more enquires on what category to join, please email johnny@sgfloorballopen with your country and division for further advice.