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 (L-R clockwise) Suicide Squad, Jill Quek from Albatross, Yeung Chun Yin from Nemesis and Merahan Knightingales. (Photo: Sportygraphy and Vox Sports)

A four-day floorball weekend approaches us this week. Singapore Floorball Open II has been greatly anticipated, especially with the addition of international contenders hailing from Australia, India and Malaysia joining in the battle for gold.

If you’re competing or merely watching from the stands, you should try to watch every match and revel in the spectacular fast-paced beauty of floorball. But whether you have to take a day off, play hooky from work or miss out on date-night, make sure to find a way to watch these matches.

Aussie Exports vs. El Magico, 26 July, 6:30pm, Court 1, Temasek Polytechnic

From the get-go, the male team Aussie Exports will battle with El Magico. El Magico, a group mainly comprised from Singapore’s national hockey team, was brought together by Enrico Elifh Marican. Although hockey and floorball are closely related, the question is whether El Magico will be able to keep up with the fast intensity in a smaller playing field. Coming from their impressive win in the 2018 Hockey Series Open, the hockey boys going head-to-head with boys from the land down under would be a thrilling game to catch.

Black Wondersticks vs. Nemesis, 26 July, 7:20pm, Court 1, Temasek Polytechnic

This fight comes as no surprise. Black Wondersticks versus Nemesis is one of the most hotly contested matchups in local floorball, stemming from a deep-rooted rivalry from the Men’s Premier League. Although players from both teams are friends and some even teammates in the national team, once they enter the court in their own club jerseys, the battle is on.

Black Wondersticks has evolved including new talented stars to the mix while Nemesis has one of the strongest team chemistry in local floorball. Even if you’re not gunning for either team, this match is not one to miss.

Albatross vs. Aussie Exports, 27 July, 7:20pm, Court 2, Temasek Polytechnic

In the local floorball scene, the female team Albatross is well-known and even revered. Although they finished third in the last Women’s Premier League, the team continues to hold significant threat with their outstanding talent and experience. Player-cum-coach Jill Quek, for one, is a menacing presence on the court while goalkeeper Fariza Begum is the reliable shot-stopper that Albatross depends on.

Albatross will face female team Aussie Exports in the group stage. Undoubtedly, it would be interesting to see Blaise Hodges and Jill Quek fight it out.

Suicide Squad vs. Aussie Exports, 28 July, 2:20pm, Court 1, Temasek Polytechnic

Ranging from ages 18 to 21, the defending champions Suicide Squad is a young yet feisty team. Although the group comprises of students and national servicemen, they have shown that their commitments do not interfere with their passion for the sport.

When asked about their showdown with the Aussie Exports, 18-year-old forward Syazwandi Hamzah said, “It will be tough since they are bigger and much more physical, but these are the games we enjoy playing the most.”.

Suicide Squad offers quick ball-handling skills, lightning speed and seamless team chemistry that will definitely put up a show when they battle the Australians.

Here is the full list of must-watch games to catch during Singapore Floorball Open II.


Venue Time Court


26 July, Thursday

Temasek Polytechnic

6:30 pm


Aussie Exports (M) vs El Magico


Aussie Exports (F) vs Merahan Knightingales

7:20 pm


Black Wondersticks vs Nemesis


Woodlands vs ITM Floorball Waves

8:10 pm


Destroyer vs Moose Warriors

27 July, Friday

7:20 pm


Aussie Exports (F) vs Albatross

8:10 pm


Aussie Exports (M) vs Firebrands

28 July, Saturday

2:20 pm


Aussie Exports (M) vs Suicide Squad


Singapore Floorball Open II will run from 26 to 29 July 2018 at Temasek Polytechnic and Our Tampines Hub.